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Top 10 Japanese Startups - 2022

Japan is the world’s third-largest economy, with nearly $5 trillion worth of gross domestic; the country has nurtured some of the most successful automotive and electronics businesses. The annual Las Vegas-based CES technology exhibition shows a glimpse at the cutting-edge and futuristic products powered by Japan, with the island nation having a long-term presence at the esteemed event showcasing both brands and startups. Japanese startups ran the gamut from robots to flying cars, prototype medical devices to payment solutions, many of which even won innovation awards. To accelerate the startups’ overseas expansion, the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) has selected companies not only based on their cutting-edge technology but also their desire to address social issues around the world.

Some of the trending technological innovations include the development of mobile robots that are more agile and designed to address social issues such as the shortage of workers for last-mile deliveries and other prevalent needs. Moreover, space robotics is gaining momentum as an avenue to capitalize on the recent wave of renewed interest in commercial space exploration programs. Other sectors actively venturing into startup space are EdTech and healthcare, which are relying on AI and machine learning. EdTech-based startups are employing AI to boost learning among students, whereas healthcare tech startups are focusing on developing health indicator analytics to enhance patient monitoring and boost timely interventions.

To help CIOs and CXOs navigate through the evolving Japanese startup ecosystem, the editorial board of StartupCity has compiled a list of the top 10 startups in Japan that exhibit competence in delivering robust solutions. This edition also comprises insights and thought leadership articles from subject matter experts geared toward aspiring leaders in the sector.

We present to you StartupCity’s “Top 10 Japanese Startups in APAC - 2022.”

    Top Japanese Startups

  • Adriakaim aims to offer the world's first minimally invasive treatment device, which utilizes the parasympathetic nervous system with the human body's natural healing capacities to control heart failure. The startup spun out from a major Japanese medical device manufacturer with abundant experience in research, design, development, manufacturing, and sales of medical/healthcare-related devices. It also offers Consulting services and R&D support projects for medical/healthcare-related companies. In conjunction with the National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center, the company has developed a novel treatment method using its vagal nerve stimulating device to reduce the severity of acute myocardial infarction.

  • Chordia Therapeutics is a biotech company engaged in research and development of novel therapies for cancers. The company’s innovations are powered by the vast experience of its highly skilled team that is constantly developing First-in-Class small-molecule anticancer drugs with modern mechanisms of action

  • iChain positions itself in the market as an InsureTech Startup that delivers value through the fusion of insurance and digital technologies.As an independent enabler, iChain specializes in providing solutions from a neutral standpoint,without belonging to a specific insurance company or financial institution. iChain started developing its SaaSsystem for digital small-amount and short-term insurance companies.Growing from there, currently, it isnow implementing a fully paperless SaaS insurance policy administration/management system targeting life and non-life insurance companies.

  • MELTIN MMI is expertise in R&D and commercialization of medical devices and avatar robots by using bio-signals in order to develop bio-signal processing technology and avatar robot technology

  • Planetway provides IT infrastructure that allows the exchange of information, as authorized by owners of information in real-time.

  • SusLab assists clients to develop unique policies and methodologies in order to generate value, which not only consists of the financial and economic perspectives but also incorporates the non-financial activities, which arise from environmental or social elements.The firm consists of a highly seasoned and experienced group of individuals well-versed in sustainability, financial engineering, and data science. This profound knowledge-based, coupled with their individual competencies, empowers clients to develop a model that delivers measurable value and sustainable organizational advantage by combining data science with ESG.

  • Thinkings offers its novel recruitment management system sonar ATS¬—a SaaS solution that unifies recruitment data and provides a mechanism for optimization of recruitment operations to improve efficiency and increase the amount of time recruiters spend with each candidate

  • VFR


    VFR provides drones equipped with robotics and advanced aerodynamics for industrial, agricultural, inspection and delivery usages. The company is building sophisticated, high-performance drones cost-effectively, making them suited to mass production to standardise drone usage in agricultural services, aerial delivery, and remote inspection. Equipped with cutting-edge wireless network and hardware computing technology, VFR also manufactures core parts like wireless modules and flight controller modules used in drones. VFR’s drone manufacturing and worldwide distribution capabilities are made possible by its access to the PC value chain of suppliers and human resources across most of the Far East.

  • Heartseed


    Heartseed is a biotech that is pioneering a completely new treatment for heart failure, which had previously only been treated by transplantation, with an approach of practical use of iPSC-based therapy

  • Optieum Biotechnologies

    Optieum Biotechnologies

    Optieum Biotechnologies Inc. is a pre-clinical stage biotechnology companycommitted to developing innovative scFv antibody-based therapies for the treatment of patients with cancers